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Souvenir Du Quebec

344 Notre Dame East

Old Montreal,

H2Y 1C7

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Opening hours: April to Dec.

Monday           11pm - 7:30 pm .  

Tuesday          11pm - 7:30 pm

Wednesday    11pm - 7:30 pm

Thursday        11pm - 7:30 pm

Friday              11pm - 7:30 pm

Saturday         11pm - 7:30 pm

Sunday            11pm - 7:30 pm


Opening hours: JAN to MARCH.

Monday to Sunday  12pm  to  4:30 pm.

Where We Started

Our business started in 1969 under the name of Fashion India. Where we are located today on 344 Notre Dame East is where everything started for us. We started as an Indian clothing store and continued to do this business for a couple of decades. As time progressed we moved more into souvenirs and Souvenir du Quebec was born. We changed locations to right next door into 350 Notre Dame East but around 2013 we decided to move back to our original location. It is truly a special place for us and we are thankful to be able to do business in such a great area for so many years. The business started with an elderly Indian couple, and was passed down to their son and is presently run with the help of the grandson.  

Where We Are

Presently we are in the third generation of salesman running the business. We are proud to serve our customers with years of experience and love. Many things have changed since we started our business but the one thing that has stayed the same for 50 years has been our passion of serving our customers. We really prioritize our customers, and do whatever we can to help them. For us our customers are like family, so we are happy to welcome our customers into our life. That is why we are happy to share our history with anyone who would like to know. 

Where We Are Going

Although we have been in business for so long we continue to grow and change every year. As times are changing everything is online in 2018, so we are making a push to get online. We can be found on Instagram, Yelp, Facebook, and even Google. It's amazing for us to be able to share our business online with everyone too see. Hopefully our site brings a smile to your face. We're sharing a business we have been passionate about for decades. So we welcome anyone and everyone who comes to visit us whether its online or in person. Many things have changed and will change but the memories we create with our customers will last longer than any souvenir you could buy.